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WarriorFit SwordSchool Self Study – 2

I have been a very naughty sword student this week. I have not gotten around to any sort of sword specific training at all. In my defense I made a pretty huge change, and left CrossFit (Which I did in the afternoons) for a local “BootCamp” style fitness training class which I do at an ungodly hour. I did this primarily because I’d stalled with fat loss for too long, and I wanted to try out something new.

This particular trainer has had a lot of success helping people shred fat, and it is both closer to home, and a little less expensive. With this place I also receive nutrition coaching from a certified nutrition coach, which should help considerably. The first bit of advice my new coach gave me also made a lot of sense. I showed her my nutrition log from My Fitness Pal, and she asked how long I had been rolling with a 600-1000 calorie deficit. When I told her it had likely been two years she replied that my body had likely dropped its metabolic rate as low as possible due to the fact that it thinks I am starving to death.

As I have long been a believer in the adaptability of the human body this makes complete sense to me. It’s also easy advice to take “Hey, eat more for a while!”. Who doesn’t want to do that? The body doesn’t like change. It wants to maintain homeostasis. As such, when we mess with it our body will make changes in order to achieve its goal. This whole idea is a newish way of thinking for me so, I will keep you posted. Also, moving forward I will try to release articles on Mondays. As such my Monday training schedule will be pretty static for those of you following along.

Workout #2

On to the training schedule:


5:00AM – Boot Camp/Metcon

Evening: Breath Control 10 Minutes Practice (Fundamentals: Breathing Week 1)

Tuesday: Active Rest Day

Evening: Range of Motion/Breath Control 10 Minutes Practice (Fundamentals: Breathing Week 1)


5:00AM – Boot Camp/Metcon

Evening – Breath Control 10 Minutes Practice (Fundamentals: Breathing Week 1)


5:00AM – Boot Camp/Metcon

Evening – Yoga


5:00AM – Boot Camp/Metcon

Evening – 5:00AM – Boot Camp/Metcon


Longsword Training Class


Active Rest Day/Longsword Training Class




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