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Quarantine Ranger

Just like most of the rest of the world in the spring of 2020, your friendly neighborhood Ranger is safe at home. When as a society we are suffering from a shared trauma that we cannot outrun, out lift, or even outfight it's important to take care of yourself in whatever way you can. For... Continue Reading →

So, you wanna go to Bico?

If you follow my blog you have already read a little about Bicolline. If not, you should look here. Already read that? Great! Come on inside, grab a cuppa, and learn what you need to know in order to go to your first event. The first thing you need to know as an American is... Continue Reading →

Leather working Course – Mod 1

Disclaimer: I know my readers are widely varied in interests. This post is firmly in the realm of nerd stuff, making things, and design. I promise I will make another fitness post soon, but if your are not into making things, feel free to skip this one. 😉 As I have mentioned, and you have... Continue Reading →

WarriorFit SwordSchool Self-Study

In case you weren't aware of it: I'm a GIANT nerd. I love all things medieval, fantasy, swords, dragons, wizards, swords, and of course: Rangers (like Aragorn). I truly wish there was a good dark overload that needed killing, a magic artifact of epicness that needed activating, some sort of person in distress to rescue... Continue Reading →

Adventure 3 – Mount Gardener

Perched majestically above my little town of Woodsville, NH sits Mount Gardener. I've tried researching this little mountain, and haven't found anything about it. I know it actually sits in the town of Bath, NH. I know that there is a trail to the top, I know that a big chunk of it used to... Continue Reading →

Functional Fitness and You

For me, an exercise program begins and ends with CrossFit. I love it. It is hard, it is fun, it is badassed, it is my community, and I would absolutely hate to give it up. That said, if I have to I will. It is comparatively expensive to other ways of working out, and at... Continue Reading →

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Alright folks, confession time. Despite the fact that I have always lived in areas of extreme winter. I hate it. Like, REALLY hate it. It is cold. It is wet. It is annoying. Did I mention that it's cold. I never got into skiing, snowboarding, or even snow shoeing. Again, cold. This is problematic for... Continue Reading →

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