Workout 1 – The Suck

Note: I am not a doctor, not your doctor, not a personal trainer, nor am I your personal trainer. If you become injured by doing this workout I assume no liability. I recommend that you consult your physician and/or fitness training professional prior to undertaking any strenuous physical activity. Please read my notes on scaling at the end of the article before attempting this workout.

Warm Up: 10 Minutes

Row Tabata for Max Calories (4 Minutes) – Remember, that if you use Tabata to warm up you need to start out slow, and build intensity each round of “work” until you get to a typical workout intensity by the last  round or 2. If you don’t have access to a rowing machine use a jump rope instead (this one is my current favorite). Instead of calories rowed keep track of the number of successful jumps.

A-T-Y Raises (2.5 to 5 Pound Plates): 30 seconds each Exercise for 3 Rounds (4 minutes 30 seconds total) – You can also use light bands, or no weight at all. This should be done VERY slowly. The goal here is to get blood into your shoulder joints, no gain in the strain here.

Leg Swing Front to Back (Stick/PVC Pipe For Stability)- 30 Seconds Each Leg

Shoulder Pass Through (With Stick/PVC Pipe or Fitness Band) – 30 Seconds


Workout: “The Suck” – 15 Minute AMRAP 

AMRAP means As Many Reps As Possible in the allotted time. Essentially, you work your way through the below exercises (scaled to your chosen level), then do so again and again until you run out of time. Keep track of the exercises you use as well as the total number of reps you complete in order to track your progress over time. (Bonus points if you post your results in the training group)

10 – Modified Pull-Up (Jumping, Banded, Australian),  Ring Row , or Strict Pull Up)

Note: If you do not have access to a pull-up bar, rings, a suspension training rig (like this one), or something similar you can use a table, or counter for Australian pull ups. 

15Knee Push Up, Push Up, or Hand Release Push-Up

20Abmat Sit-up,  Weighted Abmat Sit-up, or Toes To Bar

Note: If you do not have an ABmat (you should get one), you can use a rolled up towel under your lower back. These little devices are a dramatic improvement on the old school sit up methodology as they lead to a more efficient workout with less chance of injury. Here is a good article about why.

25Air Squat, Bosu Squat, Weighted Squat, or Weighted Bosu Squat 

Note: if you need a Bosu ball I recommend the original, but you can use any balance board you’d like.

Walking Cooldown (5 Minutes) – Once you know your own name again, walk around slowly for a couple of minutes while your heart rate comes down.

Post Workout Stretch (5 Minutes)

Single Arm Wall Stretch – 30 Seconds Each Arm

Calf Stretch – 30 Second Each Leg

Samson Stretch – 30 Seconds Each Leg

Cobra Stretch – 30 Seconds

Downward Dog – 30 Seconds

Standing Reach Groin Stretch – 30 Seconds

Reach For the Sky/Tiptoes – 30 Seconds


Notes on scaling:

Where you are in your Pull-Up progression will determine what level you will start on. Pull Up progression is Ring Row -> Jumping Pull-Up -> Australian Pull Up -> Banded Pull-Up (with progressively lighter bands) -> Strict Pull Up.

Level 1, is anything below Banded Pull-Up . Once You can complete 10 Banded Pull-Ups you are ready to move into Level 2. Once you can complete 10 strict Pull-Ups move to Level 3.

This is just a guide, you can use any of the movements above to scale in any direction you want (even mid workout). Just make sure you keep track of what you are doing so when the workout comes around again you can note progress. The idea is for the workout to be hard, but not impossible.

Aim for completing 3-5 rounds of the exercises, and scale accordingly.

Any time a weighted exercise is used, test out different weights until you find one that you are comfortable with. It is always better to use less weight than you can manage. Never ever sacrifice form for weight. We are aiming to develop a level of fitness to progress in our art, not “get swole”.  For the “weighted” exercise I recommend using a kettlebell. If you don’t have one, you should get one. Go lite to start. No more than 25 pounds for men, no more than 15 for women.  You can always increase your weight as you increase your strength, but avoid injury at all costs.

Level 1: Ring Row ect. Knee Push Up, Ab Mat Sit Up, Air Squat

Level 2: Banded Pull-Up, Push Up, Weighted Ab Mat Sit Up, Bosu Squat

Level 3: Strict Pull-Up, Hand Release Push Up, Toes To Bar, Weighted Bosu Squat

As your fitness level increases in levels 2 and 3, feel free to up the weight for weighted exercises. Always make sure you are working as hard as is safe.

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