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WarriorFit Sword School

In this section you will find links to all of the metabolic conditioning workouts I develop for my self-study of Fiore’s Medieval Combat system as taught by Guy Windsor through his video classes at Swordschool Online.

Before trying any of the below workouts you need to consult your personal physician. I assume no liability if you injure yourself or anyone else.

This program will eventually have 26 different workouts. These are daily workouts that change each week. For example, on Week #1 you would do Workout #1 each day (or as often as you are comfortable), all week. In Week #2 you switch to Workout #2, and so on.

If you are particularly detail oriented you will have already noted that the program is designed to do each workout for 1 week, twice per year. This will allow you to track your progress towards fitness effectively. You can join the Facebook Group to track your progress alongside others.

You can start with whatever workout you want to. The important part is to change workouts weekly, have fun, get fit, and avoid injury at all costs.

Range of Motion Workouts

The Morning ROM

Metabolic Conditioning (MetCon) Workouts

Workout #1 – The Suck

Workout #2 – Sandbagger

Workout #3 – Sandbagger 2, Electric Boogaloo

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